Webinar: Mobilizing clinical trial innovations

The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets has proven uniquely challenging for life sciences. Switching back and forth between unintegrated devices not only lowers productivity and increases costs, but also raises a host of new security and compliance risks. The problem gets exponentially worse as companies start to bring external partners into the clinical trial process. Could the combination of Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, and Windows phones be a solution?

In this session, Microsoft shares how Windows 8 and the Microsoft platform address the critical needs of life sciences professionals, including security, mobility, collaboration, and communications. To see this in action, we explore an innovative life sciences application built in Windows 8: Trial Exchange. This simple, easy-to-use interface allows clinical trial staff to contribute documents to an established workstream, receive and complete tasks, view document statuses, and retrieve documents on demand. By viewing this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How major features of Windows 8 address the needs of life sciences companies
  • Approaches for maximizing productivity, compliance, and communication with multiple devices
  • Strategies for securely extending internal processes and systems to external collaborators


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